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Starting with the Great Lakes Region of Africa, EduCorps is committed to providing high-quality professional development and coaching for teachers.  We will measure our success through the monitoring and evaluation of personalized school targets designed by teachers in partnership with their administration.


EduCorps believes that in order to achieve our mission, the professional development we offer must be delivered in a way that empowers teachers and youth.

  • Through a combination of workshops, professional learning circles, and individual coaching, EduCorps hopes to provide teachers the support they need to deliver excellent instruction for every child, in every lesson, every day.  We believe that teachers are creative, strategic and independent thinkers. Because of this, the implementation and sustained practice of new ideas requires input from and personalized support for teachers- in addition to ongoing partnerships within and between schools.
  • Developing Communities requires Developing Individuals. We believe that supporting individual teachers in reaching their full professional potential will ultimately have a dramatic impact on students, their families, and entire communities.


EduCorps was created by teachers, for teachers.  From the United States to D.R. Congo, we have far too often experienced the ineffectiveness of one-off workshops. We know that personalized partnerships, like having a coach, are often necessary in order to truly develop in and master the complex craft of teaching.